All the beautiful things I carried home from lushfest!
Left to right top to bottom.
Mug, Lanyard, Aura Suavis Shower Gel, Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioner, Big Solid Conditioner, Blousey Shampoo, Sea Spray Styling, (Secret) Spa Body Serum!, (Secret) Spa Body Scrub, A Daveyman made gift, 6x Daveyman made Chameleon Soaps, 2x Green FUN, The Bug Perfume, The Voice of Reason Perfume, Flowers Barrow Perfume, Sun Perfume, Davey Man made Blue Skies Candy face bubble bar!
We put the whole fruit in Canvas Bag :)

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    Ugh. Uguuhuguhuhguhuhuughhuguhuh. This is awesome.
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    whoa! im so jealous i really wanted to go lush fest but i need to save the pennies right now. hope they do it again next...
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    This all looks so amazing! I hope I can attend Lushfest one day.
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  6. mainlinemurder said: Super jealous, awesome stuff!
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  8. baby-firefly said: jealousy. jealousy. jealousy… everything looks beautiful & i hope that you have a lovely time though, honest :P <3
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