During the past 9 years we’ve overcome countless obstacles, seen more than a couple of member changes and made some of the best of friends / enemies, however we feel that the time has come to bring this band to an end. We will be releasing a final 7” on Six Feet Under Records in the summer which will feature 4 brand new songs and in the coming months we’ll be playing some shows throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our final show will take place on Saturday August 23rd in Howell, NJ at GameChanger World and the full line up will be announced in the coming weeks. The Mongoloids started as a straight edge band in the summer of 2005 and will end as a straight edge band in the summer of 2014.

What.All the bands I love break up. I’m so glad I saw this band this year and got to go crazy to them.
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"mediocrity is the killer"

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In my life
why do I smile
at people who I’d much rather kick in the eye

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Now the time has come
I just wish I could erase
All the damage done, all this pain
All this heartache
It’s only just begun, it’s been fun
We were fucked up and numb
There’s a killer on the corner
And he’s looking for love
He’s loo-looking for love
Yeah he’s looking for (you my love)

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It’s been a long day and I’ve been sick all day but finally got to see Cold World, meet some rad friends and see more amazing bands.
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Every time I see you falling
I get down on my knees and pray
I’m waiting for that final moment
You say the words that I can’t say

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Have Heart. Credits.

Fun fact: the reason pat nearly passed out and was spazzing and dry heaving at the end is cuz he was so stressed about the whole show making sure everything was running smoothly that all he had to eat was half a sandwich all day.  You’re about to play the longest and final set of your life your body is gonna need more than half a sandwich.  He pretty much goes into shock and pukes at the end of the set.  Most people thought he was being dramatic at the end but it was really his body telling him “fuck you dude, feed me”. Then we got Chinese take out that night.
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Gave my beard a trim and tone.
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Forever Waiting For Disaster…

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In my head, I am already gone, side roads boarded up, decisions decided on. But in my nights there are restless hours, when three am comes down and nothing else comes up. And the only thing we know is it’s getting dark and we’d better go, and the only thing we see are the despairs of the day. 

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Just got tickets to see this show, who else is going? I hear Cro-Mags and or Gorilla Biscuits might be playing too!!
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